#FPL team got hacked…

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2022.01.25 12:00 jackwistow95 #FPL team got hacked…

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2022.01.25 12:00 HaroldBAZ Most Cringeworthy Punishments

Sal wins for the most cringeworthy punishments. Off the top of my head...Sal playing bingo, Sal having his phone go off in the audience at the poetry reading, Sal critiquing other poets at the poetry workshop. Murr "like a boss" punishment, Q "X"ing out kids paintings.
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2022.01.25 12:00 PickleBuzz I made a small bridge to connect some builds together!

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2022.01.25 12:00 OGRajamaki Group B is scary but i made it under 3 minutes. (60th place in worlds fastest drivers)

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2022.01.25 12:00 gincbot Let's Play - Vampyr Ep20

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2022.01.25 12:00 aarog Facebook cancelled my sale after shipped and has not refunded or sent payment. Support says I didn’t have a legal name on file and won’t respond further. Where does the buyers money go?

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2022.01.25 12:00 CurseOfElkhart [US] [H] Lots of switch Limited Run Games and others. Vita system and misc. [W] Blasphemous Collectors Edition switch. Switch indies. Offers.

Axiom verge (Multiverse edition)
Blasphemous LRG sealed
Bloodstained COTM LRG
Bloodstained Cotm2 LRG
Castlevania Anniversary Lrg sealed
Chasm Lrg
Cris Tales Sealed
Digimon cyber sleuth complete sealed
Dragon quest Xi definitive
Dust lrg
Enter the gungeon
Fire emblem 3 houses
Final fantasy x/x2 sealed
Hollow knight
Hotline Miami collection
Hyper light drifter special edition
Metroid dread
Metroid dread Collectors edition sealed
Metal unit Lrg
Mummy demastered Lrg
Ori and the blind forest Definitive
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl dual pack (Pearl sealed pokeball codes unused)
Pokémon sword
Return of the obra dinn Lrg
Salt and sanctuary
SMT V Steelbook sealed
Super meat boy Lrg
Talos principle CE super rare games sealed
Ys origin
Ys viii lacrimosa
Ys ix monstorum
Megaman Starforce red joker 3 (missing manual, side artwork scuff)
Mario and Luigi partners in time (first print red case)
The world ends with you
Red black Japanese vita w CFW. Very nice.
Dark souls Figures (can take pics it interested)
Gameboy pocket
Super Mario land gameboy
Donkey kong county gameboy
Metal gear solid 3 the extreme box. Very cool import dvd set w naked snake figures and book.
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2022.01.25 12:00 epdoa What are some good resources to watch/listen/read regarding the Russia/Ukraine situation?

Add optional body text
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2022.01.25 12:00 RedditReadsBot Twisted Love by Ana Huang [Romance](2021)

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2022.01.25 12:00 smartybrome Curso SiteGround 2022: El Mejor Hosting para WordPress

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2022.01.25 12:00 GlyphBrand Emarqz Vlog 8 | Teaching My Son How To Grind

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2022.01.25 12:00 anthraxxsk Dunes - Mini 2

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2022.01.25 12:00 CronoDroid NMIXX (JYPn - New JYP Girl Group) - NICE TO MIXX YOU (Teaser Video)

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2022.01.25 12:00 Anacatesousa 1930s cool&smart

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2022.01.25 12:00 Dadestark2 [H] Edu email with Unlimited Google Drive, Canva with Pro features, UNiDAYS, and many more [W] PayPal/BTC/ETH/LTC

I will provide you with the following services with a warranty:

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2022.01.25 12:00 GooseHonker7383 Boss berates me for breathing at my job.

So I was working my normal shift and I was breathing kind of weird, kinda wheezy. I went to go get my inhaler but my boss refused. He said "I'm not giving you your inhaler until you stop breathing like that! It's freaking everyone out!" Soon, I felt an incredible lack of breath. I ran to the doctor and picked up an inhaler and survived an asthma attack. I quit on the spot after I came back from the doctor's.
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2022.01.25 12:00 wonkyboys Working on creating watercolour effect trees for a game I'm making

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2022.01.25 12:00 DMHshadow People Left Death Threats for Election Workers. We Called Them Back. [10:03]

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2022.01.25 12:00 guruprasadah School exhibition chooses professionally made project vs. my low cost better project

Now I know what it sounds like - me being a spoiled child and all that. But hear this out.
I went to an Inter-school exhibition. I had gotten assigned the topic of natural energy, so what not better project than a windmill? So I begun. I got a cheap motor for like Rs. 30 ( ~ 40 cents ). I had a couple led's lying around, so I used them. I bought 4 bicycle spokes for Rs. 50 ( ~ 70-80 cents ). And I took a piece of scrap wood to a wood-wala and got a hole cut in it for Rs. 50.
So the way my project worked was like a real windmill : You spin the blade, it spins the motor - which acts as a generator and powered the led's. Pretty simple and cost-effective right?
Well, another girl had also come for this topic. Hers was a huge model with acrylic blades etc. However like all other windmill models - this one didn't actually produce electricity. It was just a motor connected to a battery.
I also had another model - a working model of the lung. It was made using a couple of straws, a big soda bottle, one of the before-mentioned spokes, a couple of balloons and a ziploc. Im not gonna bore with the details, but basically if you pulled the diapragm ( the ziploc ) the balloons ( lungs ) would expand.
This girl had a vacuum cleaner made from a box, a flexible pipe, and a cpu fan. When the judges asked her about the principle of how it worked - This is what she answered:
"If you turn on the switch, it works" ( In Tamil ofc )
And on top of this - I learned from her mother that all of her stuff had been made just the previous day. THATS RIGHT, YOU HEARD IT - just one day.
When the prize ceremony came up, I really thought they would choose mine because it was simple - and actually worked as a windmill.
But no...... That girl snagged the first prize - the other two were given to contestants in other topics.
So what you should remember is that in India - unless you have an actual Ph. D doctor - the judges will be a couple of uptight and strict madam's ( oh yeah, most teachers are women in india. if you get in trouble - most of the times the girls will blame you and go scot-free ), who wear 2 inch thick glasses and barely know english. They will pick whichever is the biggest and flashiest. I learned that the hard way.
So if ur an 8-10 year old boy - remember that flashiness wins in India i.e You may say that all films are viewable on a TV - but people will buy it only if you say that the regional star's film wil be superb on that.
( I know how weird the metaphors have been, but again - flashiness)
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2022.01.25 12:00 NexoFinance Axies Spotted on Nexo! Is AXS Coming to the Platform?

Get in the game! AXS is now on Nexo! Press play and buy, top up or swap for Axie Infinity’s token to earn up to 36% APR, paid out daily! And now for the coolest part – you can borrow against AXS at industry-best rates. Learn more on our blog: Axies Spotted on Nexo! Is AXS Coming to the Platform?
Axies Spotted on Nexo! Is AXS Coming to the Platform?
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2022.01.25 12:00 autotldr South Korea’s 2021 GDP Growth Hits A 11-year High Of 4%, Stellar Export Performance And Rebound In Consumption Lift Growth

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 53%. (I'm a bot)

South Korea's economy grew 4 percent in 2021, the country's fastest pace of expansion in 11 years, despite challenges due to omicron, data released by Bank of Korea on Tuesday revealed.
The latest figure marks the export powerhouse 's sharpest expansion since the 6.8 percent growth rate it posted in 2010.
The dismal 2020 GDP numbers were the worst figures the economy had posted since 1998 - when the nation was reeling from the 1997 Asian financial crisis contracted 0.9 percent.
Private consumption also grew by 3.6 percent last year, compared to the 5 percent contraction witnessed in 2020.
While Corporate capital investment expanded 8.3 percent, investment in construction shrank 1.5 percent, worse than a 0.4 percent decline a year earlier.
In 2021, South Korea's exports expanded at 25.85 percent, the fastest pace in 11 years, with total export value reaching a record high of $644.54 billion.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: percent#1 export#2 economy#3 year#4 grew#5
Post found in /Economics.
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2022.01.25 12:00 Trexaty92 Why hasent anyone tried to rip off RuneScape?

And when I say rip off RuneScape, I mean proper rip it off. Imagine what a AAA developer could do with the RuneScape formula.
Surely someone out there would have had to seen how RuneScape is a roaring success and thought about ripping it off, because clearly the traditional mmorpg formula isn't really working for anybody these days.
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2022.01.25 12:00 Lauren4TheCreatives Design Portfolio Ideas with Good vs. Bad Examples

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2022.01.25 12:00 Tothemoooon21 Need some advice buying my first gaming pc used. If anyone could help I could send you the specs and tell me if it’s a good buy I’d appreciate it.

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2022.01.25 12:00 bigdaddy0329 ARAM Balance changes need to be shown in Champ Select

I am getting sick and tired of playing 115% damage taken 85% damage dealt sivir or maokai in aram against the non nerfed Vlad or 110% damage tank akali. I want to be able to see which champions are nerfed and buffed because I play every champ, and its just downright not fun to get stomped like that.
This would be a huge QOL change for ARAM that needs to happen
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