Has it really been worth it?

2021.12.06 02:13 JLeaman99 Has it really been worth it?

Hey all,
I've been struggling with these feelings of regret recently would just like someone elses opinion. I'm a 22M, in my final year of engineering, I was given an incredible opportunity to work a part time internship at an engineering company this year, my friend's dad offered to get me the interview. It all sounds great on paper right? and don't get me wrong, it is, I am very thankful for the opprotunities that I have before me.
However, to do my full time course load, final year design project and work this internship, I am putting in between 50 to 60hr weeks. This means that 5 days a week I do school work and the other 2 I am doing work work. I was fine with it at the beginning of the school year but now the constant pressure is starting to catch up with me.
To maintain everything, I've had to cut out my social life entirely minus a few hours of gaming with my buddies on a Saturday night, I'm quite an extroverted person so with school and work still being remote I'm feeling very isolated. I do drive to campus a couple days a week to see some friends but all we do is talk about school.
On top of that I'm starting to feel very jealous of my younger sister. I still live at home, she's off in residence. She is in what I would consider an easier degree in terms of workload so she can go out on the weekends and hang with friends, the town my mom moved to has <10000 ppl and everything is quiet at 7pm. She's in a relationship, my last girlfriend was my first girlfriend which was 3yrs ago. It almost disgusts me as I'm typing this out seeing how jealous I am as I am normally not a jealous person. It might just be the stress of exam szn and I keep trying to remind myself that this year is just temporary pain for future gain but I am really starting to wonder whether or not it was truly worth it to do this to myself as I feel like im losing part of me and if this workload/lifestyle was the right choice.
sorry for the long post, I'd love to hear others thoughts on this
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2021.12.06 02:13 BigBody1277 Kobe is becoming seriously underrated on this sub

10 years ago if Kobe was out of your top 10 all time no one would take you seriously. Now it seems to be becoming a popular opinion that he is arguably out of the top 10. Rubbish. Let’s look at young Kobe. At 22 years old he was already considered a top 3 player in basketball. Who else was this good this young other than Kobe Bryant? Hint: not many people. At just 22 years old he absolutely killed the admiral Spurs. He embarrassed an organization that prides itself on it’s elite defense. He averaged 33-7-7 on 57% TS. He was just coming off of a series where he averaged 35 by the way, including a game of 48 and 16. He was making a case as the best player in basketball alongside his teammate Shaquille O’Neal. He was arguably the MVP of the playoffs. He dominated during those years. It was less of a Batman Robin situation and more of a KD Curry situation. Each time Shaq got in foul trouble he stepped up and instantly was the best player in the court. 3 rings. Dominates several elite teams. O’Neal leaves and he is stuck playing with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown. He makes the playoffs anyway, averaging 35 on good efficiency. Number 8 by himself is a top 15 player ever. Number 24 kicks in. Another scoring title. Another year embarrassing the Spurs in the playoffs. MVP. Beating more 50 win teams in the post season. Winning two championships with Pau Gasol as his second best player. Pau Gasol is no scrub, but he’s no a superstar and was never close. 2 FMVP. Best player in basketball for half a decade. 18x all star. 11x all nba first team. 5x champion. MVP. 2 time scoring champ. In three fucking years, he beat the same amount of 50 win teams that Magic did in his entire career. With Pau fucking Gasol as his second best player. Enough said. Easy top 10 player of all time, not debatable. Not sure why people are starting to underrate him. I have him behind only MJ and LeBron, tied with Kareem and Magic.
Also, what’s with this narrative that Tim Duncan was the best player in the 2000’s? No one thought this at the time. By the mid-late 2000’s Duncan was lucky to be top five, while Kobe was the best basketball player in the world. He abused Duncan’s team head to head every time.
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2021.12.06 02:13 Youw_ant Random thoughts.

Me thinking the time I'm supposed to have a phone, but then, pandemic happens.
Now, I'm still using my 16GB school tablet.
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2021.12.06 02:13 maxwillis32 Recent hits

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2021.12.06 02:13 Conqueror_Of_Chaos What college has the best email ads, and/or best physical mail ads?

Inspired by a previous post here. Personally best email ads are Swarthmore and best physical ads are Wesleyan with their uncommon.org ads.
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2021.12.06 02:13 noorizer Remember me?

The worse. Waking up in the morning and BOOM! Remember me? The one who treated you like shit and told you many lies, the one that used and manipulated you, the one that said you are easily replaceable, the one you can't get out of your mind...the one you still Love. Remember me?
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2021.12.06 02:13 TheLargeTulip Would anyone like to join a group chat? 17+ please

This is just a new chat to find friends who may have the same interests as you. I did this before and it worked out pretty well, so if anyone’s interested in meeting more people, just send a dm a let’s all be friends :)))
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Long story short - I normally always decline red card orders. So i do not do them much. In my market they seem to hide them so sometimes i will take one and not realize it until I have "arrived at the restaurant" So i wanted to see if this is common or not really .
I accepted a red card order unknowingly and when I got to the restaurant once I clicked I was there it said it was a red card order and to Pay with the red card . it was Not a order that I order myself but a redcard one that I have to pay for the food that the customer has already ordered and its already prepared.
So that leads me to my question. In the App it said i will be paying $25.52. So when i tell the cashier who my order is for (doordash for joe) they said ok your total is 32.07 I honestly didn't think anything of it. Red card went through no problem But when I got to my car i realized the number I was "supposed" to pay was different than i actually paid. So is this common? Does Doordash just guess on numbers? Its not like I ordered the food! Has this happened to anyone else?
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2021.12.06 02:13 cbz3000 When you can't undo the life changing thing you just did [SPOILER]

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2021.12.06 02:13 deepstufftv i just want peace and rest (brand new) #dRemstuff

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2021.12.06 02:13 maxwasson Sherlock Holmes and the Strange Disappearance of the Chiefs Offense

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2021.12.06 02:13 Quetzalcoatl82 ??

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2021.12.06 02:13 JetsTalk247 Every Pass from Zach Wilson vs Eagles

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2021.12.06 02:13 Hanafuta My girl Bowie's lil teefies are my favorite ❤

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2021.12.06 02:13 Adventurous-gal72 Job interview is tomorrow..

Surprisingly, I got a job interview for a place I applied to and did not think I would get. It's a graduate assistant position for a PsyD program at my school. Now, where my frustration lies- I have secured another job at the same school. Same position (graduate assistant) and this one is an IT support service program. I'm a graduate student in clinical psychology, and am super thrilled to be given an opportunity to not only work in one of the departments, but an interview in the one I really want. I have to fill out student work forms to be eligible to work on campus. I fill them out this Thursday, as mentioned before, my other interview is tomorrow. What happens if I do get the job...? How do I tell the other guy? I posted here before and someone mentioned that I may not even be able to leave my current department, but I don't get as to why that can happen. I'm so worried. Pay is the same in both positions.
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2021.12.06 02:13 ThoughtAggressive474 Rap


Rap the new crack
Krakens in their oil tanks*
Industry is taking over
Quicker than a roman saint
Rap my new religion
High fashion, some oil paints
Stone wall is the canvas
Painting hoists, the pain away,
And up and over
Til the sun is shining
Trillest son to mind bend
My mine same level diamond
Rap the new meth
Addy, for the white trash
Stay up on the mobile home
History’s in my tabs
Loops and qwerty keyboards
How might that make me cash
Oh prolly won’t unless I wrap for mass
Rap the new internet
I just got 5G,
100 times quicker
Still running up XP
My soul is old
Old as Diogenes
That’s why I keep it simple
Two pairs of jeans
Two stare at me
That’s two on my screen
The world is in another cycle of radical transformation. Thanks to the information age. Which ended as quickly as it began. We are witnessing a shift in the power structures of the world. Decentralization is leading us down a road of more autonomy but more surveillance. With this expanded sense of just how much power an individual has. We are going to see an extreme shift to introspection as well as reflection on a person’s part of the larger whole.
What it means to be you. It’s not just your birth given name that defines you. It’s your actions and how you respond to those actions and the actions of the surrounding world. People do make actions dependent on their environments. Until they reach a place internally where they can begin to see change in the world that reflects the change in their inner world.
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2021.12.06 02:13 tekkenfanaticlfc “Natalya showing cleavage in a backstage photoshoot”

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2021.12.06 02:13 TheoreticalSquirming I am not a visual artist, but would love to be able to do it. This is one of the less than few times I decided to just follow free hand tutorials online as best I could while I worked. 1st pic thru the last is like 2 or 3 weeks and chronological, Showing a little of how I learned with Leela.

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2021.12.06 02:13 KiwiPulp Looking for a case!

So the girlfriend wants a pc case in the shape of a coffin would anyone know where to get one or where to get one custom made?
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2021.12.06 02:13 Cains_Brother Any reliably safe sites to download ps2 games on pc?

I wanna play NBA Ballers Phenom
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2021.12.06 02:13 beccsdanielle my boyfriend found this dog (Tony) at his job at the quarry a few days ago. looks like he got attacked by a coyote. what breed do you think he is

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2021.12.06 02:13 imtheneos Why are female characters so annoying in this game ????

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2021.12.06 02:13 3rdiBetty Looking for Synapse protocol 'help' email.. Can someone help me..


I bridged avax to bnb never arrived... can someone help me?
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2021.12.06 02:13 SpaaaaceGhost Matt Groening predicted the future again..

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