Such a distinguished gentlecat with his feetsies outstretched

2021.12.06 02:03 jaimierosie1 Such a distinguished gentlecat with his feetsies outstretched

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Offering you guys instant r3funds! Apple / Lenovo / Target / Amazon! Limits are above 9k$!
Direct message:
Fee: 25%
For first timers:
What is r3funding?
It's a way of purchasing an item, keeping it and getting your money back for it.
How does this r3funding service work?
You buy an item from the store list and get it delivered to you.
Contact me to get the r3fund started at
Once I get the order r3funded, you pay me the fee for r3fund in crypto.
To place an order or questions, message Telegram
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2021.12.06 02:03 laughingasian14 Château Shereé is coming back. Did She by Shereé ever launch? What is everyone’s thoughts? Any predictions or tea to spill?

Personally she’s always irritated me, but she’s always down to stir the pot, which makes great tv. Excited to see what everyone’s opinions on her are!
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2021.12.06 02:03 NekoinASA NEKOIN Weekly Roundup - 12/5/2021

NEKOIN Weekly Roundup - 12/5/2021 Hello NEKOIN community, a lot has been going on, so we wanted to summarize all that our great community and dev team has accomplished this week!
Thanksgiving donations
We have completed our first donation! $600 in total were given to Toni's Kitty Rescue and Alley Cat Allies! Thank you everyone in the community that voted! You can find details in our previous post.
Thanksgiving airdrop
Our Thanksgiving airdrop went out December 5th 2021! We had 22,101 signups and our bot analysis tool filtered out over 8000 wallets leaving 13,640 wallets eligible for the drop. 20M Nekos were split evenly between the eligible wallets.
Thanksgiving NFT
For everyone who participated in our NFT donations and added their wallet to the attached google forms have been airdropped the NEKOIN Thanksgiving NFT. While over 300 people signed their wallets up, less than 60 wallets actually were able to receive the NFT due to not opting into the asset. We will wait another week to do another airdrop of the NFTs. NFTs not successfully airdropped by then will be reserved for future giveaways.
To add the asset in your Algorand wallet, make sure to Add a new asset and use the asset id: 449574028. Below is a screenshot of the official Algorand Wallet adding the asset. Make sure to select all assets, not just verified:
Liquidity rewards
Our number of liquidity providers has been steadily growing, and it has continued increasing this week! The number of eligible wallets increased from 190 to 225. In total, 3M Nekos were split between the eligible wallets. Each wallet received Nekos proportional to their contribution to the liquidity pool. With 345M eligible Nekos in the liquidity pool, this week's APR was 45%. Remember, to be eligible for liquidity rewards, you must have contributed to the liquidity pool for the full week! If you have any questions about the rewards program, please take a look at our announcement post. Overall, we’re very glad to see that our community is committed to providing liquidity!
Donations wallet locking
We have just completed locking our donations wallet! 2B Nekos are now locked for one year and only 1.2M Nekos can be withdrawn from the smart contract each week. You can find the details in our post.
Verification is our top priority, and we're actively in communication with Algorand team members. We don't want to build false hype, so we'll share details as soon as we have progress. We will definitely get verified, it's just a matter of when!

2nd Airdrop
The 2nd airdrop signups are now closed! We will be running our bot analysis tools on all wallets that have signed up as well as monitoring behavior from the Thanksgiving airdrop. Any non-hooman or suspicious behavior will get your wallet blacklisted. Expect Nekos in your wallet in the latter half of this week.
Donation voting:
Expect updates on how the community can vote for donations. Our dev team is hard at work and close to developing the tools necessary for a smooth voting experience on all our future donations!

📍ASA ID#404044168
📍Community led Telegram:
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2021.12.06 02:03 What_A_Flame Context: This is a post on the BTD Battles 2 subreddit, talking about the boomerang monkey (Usually shortened to boomer)

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2021.12.06 02:03 MrCSKing Switched my dog's food cold turkey and now he's itchy... will it go away?

I've had my dog on this chicken based kibble for months. He's been eating it no problem, but it made him gassy and I've noticed his poops were always large and semi-formed. However, when i gave him a Beef Bully stick, his pooped was smaller and really well formed. Based on this, I figured that maybe his stomach had an intolerance to chicken, and it digested beef a lot better. I ended up switching him to beef formula cold turkey.
He immediately loved the beef kibble and ate it without any problem. He hasn't had any gas and all of his poops have been small and completely formed. It seems like his stomach likes it. However, I noticed that he has been itching a lot more lately since i switched him. It's not horrible itching, but its noticeably more frequent. I looked at his skin closely and everything seems fine - no hives, lesions, etc.
I figured that the itchiness might be from the abrupt food switch. Is this something that will go away with a little more time? Or should i consider using a differently formulated kibble? I feel bad that one gives him digestive issues and the other possibly makes him itchy.
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2021.12.06 02:03 sifyibigne How tollywood is much better than urduwood

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2021.12.06 02:03 ramarama123 Ahana Kumra

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2021.12.06 02:03 xd_anonymous_gamer these sub bot verified channels literally steal comments and gain likes and subscribers

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2021.12.06 02:03 akrish64 How can I go about getting a job?

I've been wanting to get a job ever since I was 14. However, my parents never let me, telling me I should focus on school. During the summer, they would tell me to study ahead or to study for the SAT or do college app stuff. I'm 17 now, and I'm a senior in high school. Although my parents have not let me get a job, I did this internship thing with a professor, which is supposed to look great on college apps. However, all I did was watch grad students type on computers and press buttons. It's a chemistry lab, so I tried asking them what they were doing, and they kept telling me the chemistry was too complex for me to understand. When they finally told me, it truly was to complicated, as they're PhD students and I'm a senior in high school. I can only go when they're there, and they don't even let me do anything. They said they would eventually let me help them with their experiment, but then they found out about all sorts of liabilities with minors, so now I can't do anything. I go there for like three or four hours a week and it's such a waste of time. I'm not learning anything. I really want to get a job--any job--for experience. I don't even care about money. I'll do an unpaid internship or volunteer or whatever. One time I volunteered at a vaccine drive and it was amazing. For a whole day, I did stuff like unpacking syringes, check people's temperature, and direct cars through the parking lot, and I learned so much. However, my parents still won't let me get a job. I actually applied to a bunch of places and got calls back, but they wouldn't let me come to the interviews. I want to try one of those service/fast food jobs because they seem interesting and they would teach me a lot, but frankly at this point I don't care what job I get. I just want some sort of job, and the worst part is I know my parents will make me study ahead for college, so I can't the summer before college. Additionally, I turn 18 around when college starts. Should I just get a job on my own then? My parents said they won't let me get a job in college either, and I'll probably be commuting from home, so I wouldn't be able to hide it easily. Everyone else at school seems to have some sort of job, and although I don't care about the money, people have made thousands and bought themselves cars and stuff. I'm just sitting on my ass.
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2021.12.06 02:03 Raiderdater Could this be us too please

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2021.12.06 02:03 TheMetaMarket Really liking these, what do you look for when investing in a new TCG?

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2021.12.06 02:03 Short-Use-5933 How many of you know or have heard of the glass blower hex glass???

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2021.12.06 02:03 thetwistedstranger So I may have bullied some Killers in Dead By Daylight... Oops.

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2021.12.06 02:03 lobangbecausenomoney New online database details rare bird species in Singapore

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2021.12.06 02:03 almondyeyes Moving forward?

A coworker(36m) who until recently worked with (he quit), messaged and told me he is very interested and wanted to get to know me (30f) better.
I usually dont go out with anyone but he is a nice guy and decided to give it a chance. He is very nice and I have shared many things with him, but I have noticed lately that he really only messages me when he needs or wants to talk. When I message him, wanting or needing to talk with someone he doesn't respond. It seems like he only responds when it's convenient for him, I have told him this and he doesn't respond to it, he will message me the next day or hours later and he'll either talk about his life or start a whole new convo, Since he quit, he has asked me for money but I sent it once and told him I wouldn't send anymore because didn't want to feel like that is why he was talking to me, he was co.pketely fine with that. I want him to care when I need someone to talk to about my life. He says he does but when I need him and I message he doesn't respond until he is ready and then he doesn't seem interested and starts talking about himself. I've thought about cutting him off but when we do talk he is sweet and very smart, he tell me he can't believe that he "landed someone like me" and has even gone so far as to say that I am his girl. I am also worried that I will have no one to talk to if I do cut him off. I am very attractive and have a great body but I think that is why men don't ask me out. It is not until I meet someone somewhere and they speak to me that they realize I'm very down to earth. I dont have friends and I am lonely. Do I just let this continue? Is there a better way for him to understand this?? What do I do?
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2021.12.06 02:03 Paldubex So I drew Golisopod and I just recently knew that Golisopod is not a Legendary pokemon. Gen 6 is my last pokemon game I played. Anyways, I think Golisopod is one of the best design in newer gen.

So I drew Golisopod and I just recently knew that Golisopod is not a Legendary pokemon. Gen 6 is my last pokemon game I played. Anyways, I think Golisopod is one of the best design in newer gen. submitted by Paldubex to Pokemonart [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 02:03 Joshwedaboi Wasn’t expecting to get anyone good…

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2021.12.06 02:03 ashishngupta How to catch reception staff giving rooms to people without billing.

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2021.12.06 02:03 IndividualWave6993 H:Fasnacht Brahmin mask W:other Fasnacht rare mask

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2021.12.06 02:03 G30rg3Th3C4t What is one simple thing that current you knows that you wish high school you knew?

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2021.12.06 02:03 sparx7th when people ask if you're a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior in college are they trying to ask you your age or instead ask you how close you are to graduating?

i went to community college before university, so i'm about to be a 23 year old senior next semester. whenever i get asked this question i always wonder what the actual motive is
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2021.12.06 02:03 Sure-Ad3846 Gauntlet help: anyone want to complete a BO4 gauntlet hit me up

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2021.12.06 02:03 ErnestoHughes56 Dead battery? No worries

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2021.12.06 02:03 SleepyCalaban Reminder!

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