What should i name my new game?

2021.12.06 02:45 Interesting_Cash442 What should i name my new game?

I am currently working on a platformer game solo where you join a cult and discover powers you never new you had along the way! For example wall jumping. I need a name for it thats short, memorable, and catchy. thanks.
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2021.12.06 02:45 Ill_Storm_9284 Today , My friend was watching Wolfoos (cartoon) and I saw Windows 11 logo on the House.

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2021.12.06 02:45 Ahahemyc11 Çok doyumsuz biriyim

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2021.12.06 02:45 HayesBay Form and Figure study

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2021.12.06 02:45 jlhawaii808 D4v2 titanium black oil

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2021.12.06 02:45 Able-Benefit1134 What is the worst gift you can give someone?

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2021.12.06 02:45 Signal_Swing3062 When you go looking for the NFT engineer position and find this language in the Senior Analyst, Finance role:

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2021.12.06 02:45 sparklesandspice Johnny Rzeznik from the GooGoo dolls is a dead ringer for Meri. Wow.

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2021.12.06 02:45 OrcWithFork ich_iel

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2021.12.06 02:45 GroovySandwich Anybody know the make and model of the van Lip and Kev were selling snacks and weed out of?

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2021.12.06 02:45 gaminggirl35 How many reddit tasks you do in a day?

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2021.12.06 02:45 MatchLock__ A4 Contender. Baiken, Sol, Dizzy, Yuri or Kasumi. I have 2 blank SS memories and 1 GG Memory selection. Please suggest.

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2021.12.06 02:45 names-in-sidewalks2 I think King of My Heart was inspired by VSFS 2014. The two were like king and queen on a chessboard and both made references to this day so it was obviously important to them.

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2021.12.06 02:45 TamHawke How do we (25 M and F) get through his first (Unwanted?) Family Meeting?

TLDR AT THE BOTTOM. THIS IS A VERY LONG POST. I rant a lot and it's hard for me because I feel like every single details matters. I have to explain all the details because I feel like you guys won't understand how I feel otherwise but please efeel free to ignore my babbling.
This is a doozy, y'all. My bf and I are both 25, we've been together for nearly 4 years in January (whichnis insane to think about!). We met in college my Senior spring semester and his Junior spring semester (definitely a meet cute but I guess that's a story for another time) and been crazy about each other ever since. Idk how much backstop you guys need, there's so much stuff... This might not matter (but I really can't tell if it's a race thing), but I'm black and he's white. Both privileged enough to grow up in two-parent households. My dad is in law enforcement. Maybe enough said, but I digress.
My mother (late 50s F) and my sister B (25F) are coming over tomorrow to actually sit down and have a "family meeting" with my bf and I. I don't think this will bode well, as my sister and I have been getting on each other's nerves with smart-ass and bitchy remarks since she came with my bf and I to see Anastasia two weeks ago (which is also a story for another time!). My track record with these Family Meetings also makes me think this won't go well. See, we moved I together about a month and a half ago. This is after thinking about it for a couple of years (bc I hold myself back from a lot of stuff that vould be good for me) and finally taking the leap a year ago when we got serious and started looking for places. We gave our parents a 6 month timeline and what do you know? We actually did it! There were some initial issues with the complex we live in now, but things sorted themselves out.
My family was not happy with these issues with the complex or that I was moving in with him in the first place. They feel we rushed into things just because it's what my bf wants, that I'm his doormat, he's emotionally abusive. I say "they" to mean my whole immediate family (parents (mid 50s M for my dad), brother (25M) and sister, or at least my parents and sister).
We had a Family Meeting a few weeks ago, when my bf was away on a guy's trip. We had just moved couple weeks before, but I've never been alone before, so I went to the house to sleep in my old room and see my family. It's weird getting used to 1 person when you were used to 4. On Friday night (I stayed through Sunday, when BF would be back), I was having a drink and my dad starts asking me questions. "Do you drink every night?" "Do you drink alot?" "Do you drink because he's there?" Those sort of questions. I'm weirded out because my dad knows I barely finish a damn Seagram's Escape in one go half the time (and I literally use that example). I asked him what was wrong knowing full well where this shit was going. He and my sister have been making comments for years about my relationship to my face and behind my back (complaining about being on the phone for hours with BF, how much time we spend together. That kind of thing). I will say, we are pretty private people and a tight-knit family, I have my helicopter parents to thank for that. They grew up in big cities and have seen "What the real world is like" so they know a thing or two. Apparently, we don't just because we have two parents and a place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear, etc. Anyway, we were sheltered AF and the three of us branched out in college but just barely. I just got my license in 2019. B doesn't even have her license (or a car) yet.
Sorry, there's a lot rant about and I get easily distracted bc there' so much context it isn't even funny. But back to the actual post: this Family Meeting. That Friday night, i ask my dad what's really wrong because I'm already tired af with the veiled questions about my drinking habits and I know where it's going. My dad tells me "we'll talk later, when you're sober." So I just shake my head and ignore him and we try to have a decent family night. Fast forward to Sunday, when I'm leaving and saying my goodbyes. My brother asks me if my dad and I talked and I said no. He proceeds to fill me in about some (unsurprising) concerns the family has about BF. My brother is pretty good with keeping his emotions out of things, so I was grateful he brought it up bc I was hoping everyone forgot and I could escape. Some grievances he mentioned: rushing to move in, BF arguing with B about guns and abortion (and staying quite while they argued on the car speaker phone), New Years 3 years ago (where I literally fought with my dad the night before about inviting him last minute, BF drove 2.5 hrs from home to come over, and then we dozed off on the couch and my dad has complained ever since), BF supposedly ignoring me during the move when I was trying to get his attention while standing right next to him, BF wanting me to drive up to his parents house for a weekend a year or 2 ago with a shady tire and letting his dad fix it instead of going to a dealership like my dad wanted, BF rushing me one night on a separate weekend to go up to his parents house and see his family when I hadn't eaten, the way we talk on the phone, etc. There may have been some other stuff, but I don't remember. So, my brother and I talk for maybe an hour, and then he tells me to ask our dad if he still wanted to talk.
Not wanting to be disrespectful or ignore it I go back to my dad (who thought I left bc I was in my brother's room for so long). My dumbass decides to go around the house and ask everyone else if they still want to have this Family Meeting. I know. I've brought this on myself at this point. Eventually we meet downstairs, and my dad is chivalrous enough to let someone else goes first. B opens the floor about the move, claiming that we rushed in to moving even though the apartment complex lied to us about getting a rennovated apartment (we thought that's what we applied for, it wasn't, but the terrible leasing agent who knew we wanted a renovated apartment and the shit show spiraled from there with them. We got a new agent, signed the leased and move in). I countered with "we didn't rush in, this is what we've wanted from the beginning, we planned to move, that's what we told everyone 6 months ago but we've wanted this for a while" etc. My brother mostly obseves, chimes in some little stuff. My mom didn't say much until after my dad tore into me.
He claimed that I had ignored everything they've all been saying for years (I hadn't ignored them, in fact I cared too fucking much about what they think about my life, but of course never told them that). The way we moved in was "pathetic" and it's a terrible, tiny apartment, his stuff is everywhere and my stuff is just thrown in a corner (also not true). That his parents are saints for putting up with him bc he's whiny and clingy and incredibly selfish and they couldn't wait to foist him onto me. That they did way too much in helping us move (his mom basically cleaned all our dishes and organized the whole kitchen. I didn't think about how I wanted things, so I basically told her to do what she thought was best. His dad's heart went into afib, and the man still got up and helped us move big stuff like our bed, our couch, he fixed our patio door, etc). My dad feels he treated his parents atrociously (BF can curse at them (he's never done this in front of my parents,, they only know because I told them while explaining how different their family dynamic was a few years ago) but he'll raise his voice to his parents, cop an attitude, basically everything you get away with in a black family, and my parents think it's incredibly disrespectful to me and to both sets of parents. He thinks I'm just BF's doormat, that I'll do anything he wants to keep him from whining and throwing a fit just like his parents before me. He told me he was incredibly disappointed in me because this wasn't what he wanted for me or planned for me (the man mentioned that I should have dated other people casually. Like, the fucking fuck?? This is the same person who basically kept bashing me bc I'm having premarital sex. He thinks most men just want someone to fuck around with women and use them for sex until they're done, and we shouldn't be moving in without being married, we're too young, we have no plans for the future, etc.).
Any time I tried to defend BF, my dad would go "of course you'll defend him, he's controlling you." So, I stopped trying. I hardly ever try to defend BF and i know i'm terrible for that.. i've let my dad get away with saying a lot of bullshit but i'm tired of it. I held it together as best I could but I lost my nerve and started crying when my dad told me "I' disappointed in who you chose as a partner, I hope you don't get married, I will never bless a marriage between you and God forbid you have children." At that point I was over it and didn't really give a flying fuck what anyone said. Of course my mom chimed in with a "you've changed since you met him and not In na good way, we know you're a loving person and see the better parts of people, you're a beautiful person and we don't want to ser you get hurt." Of course no one disagreed with my dad. No one even spoke up in my defense for BF's. They just let him say what he wanted and round it off with a "This is just my opinion!" They also don't think they need to be accommodating for him at all. BF doesn't feel welcome at the house, and I've told my family several times that he just wants to know he's welcome and even though we're private people we meet to let him into our lives just like we let other family friends in. My mom felt he was standoffish whenever he stepped in the door, like he didn't belong there My dad felt it was disrespectful for me to even suggest that we all change for BF's sake, since of course I'm choosing him over them. He says BF should be the one coming to them and being respectful and asking us to go on outings instead of me trying to force my family to spend time with him. Which, ngl, I was trying to. I've suggested we go do things with him. Invited him over for dinner, etc. No one feels the need to put themselves out there, no one feels the need to spend time with him. But oh, sure, they like him enough, he's okay. Right?
I've asked my dad to talk to him several times over the years just in general. "I don't need to talk to him." "I don't need to get to know him." My BF and dad have a lot in common and he's even wanted to ask my dad for advice on stuff but he asked because why would be want to be around someone who doesn't want him around? Or other people, or that matter? I apparently have no business trying to force him onto my family, like he just showed out out of the blue and he's just there, in the way.
Anyway, I was over the Family Meeting at that point. I've learned my lesson: they're a bullshit roast fest every single time and nothing will change because emy dad controls the narrative in the house. I went home, cried and told BF everything I could. He held me, let me get it out, told me he loved me and he was sorry I had to deal with this, etc. I'd barely spoken to my family since the move and especially after that meetingm we text food morning and good night. I got into it with my mommand sister because I invited them to a Christmas show and they expected me to pay for their tickets for some stupid fucking reason. Didn't ask. Just expected. But I'm expected to pay them back for certain things, no discussion dbeforehand, some discussion during. I was getting some dresses and shoes last night after dropping off B. This is after the Anastasia debacle, after the fight about the tickets where of course I gave up and said I would pay for them and they didn't have to pay me back. I need an outfit for my office Christmas party next weekend so I wrnt in to get stuff.
My mom asks how BF is. I'm surprised she cares but says he's fine, he's chilling in the car outside (it had been about 30 mins, he helped and B pack my car with shoes and dresses for the party, and I went to say goodbye to the family). She says it isn't right that he didn't come in and I'm like "Why would he come someplace he isn't wanted. I don't want that. He doesn't want that." She makes a face. Claims they never wanted that (which takes me back to my dad's mess about not needed to make anyone feel welcome) and I call bullshit. She said she would like to talk to him and had been thinking about it and I went off. I'm just like "you never said anything. You only let Daddy do all the talking a few weeks ago and that seemed to make things pretty clear". She says she's been wanting to talk to BF about everything and I'm like "since when? You mevermentioend anything to me? How am I supposed to know what you want when you don't tell me what you want???". I tell her she can talk to BF on her own and I was tired of being in the middle of everything. I really fucking am. You have problems? Be adults and bring it up to him yourself. I told her "I'm always in the middle, I've been stuck between y'all and him this whole time.and no one (meaning the family) seems to care." She tells me "This isn't about you." I nearly stormed out but I told her "I'm not making this about me, i'm not being dramatic i'm telling the truth. I'm I the middle and I don't want to be and i'm tired of it." Of course I'm yelling at her and B (who's nosy af and always seems to be right there when i'm arguing with someone about my relationship ) is just watching. I tell my mom I'm tired of all of this and if she wants to talk to BF, she has his number and can do it herself (I was going to try and plan a family vacation with the 6 of us before the Family Meeting, we're all in a dead group chat so I wasn't lying but apparently B gave her BF's number). I'm just tired of trying to get both sides to communicate. My mom said she just wanted to sit down and talk to him about everything bc there seems to be misunderstandings, miscommunication, etc. I feel it's a bit late to play the good parent after the Meeting but whatever. I kissed her goodbye but she followed me to the car and came up to BF's side. She told him she would like to talk with him and if it was okay she (and of course B, who I feel has nothing to really contribute except more smart-ass bull shit remarks ) could come over and have a talk.
They're coming over Tuesday. So, Reddit, if you made it this far, what do you guys think we should do? I don't want to cut my family off. That isn't am option. I want to stand up for myself and for BF but I HATE confrontations. I hate arguing bc I can never make a clear argument bc there's so much shit to wade through that I drown. I just shut down and let everyone else talk hoping it'll be over faster. It's a defense mechanism that's worked since I was a kid. But u want ro articulate my side and BF's side. This is definitely about me, this is definitely about him. They need to get over that we're together, it's been 4 fucking years and they only know the general stuff about him from what I've told them or what he's told them. I know this is a lot, but we really need help. He's not about to be disrespected by them in his own home, but I don't want them to be disrespected either. I just don't know what to do because I'm tired but I expect more fighting. We don't have to deal with this from his family. Just mine. His family has welcomed me with open arms and it makes things even harder bc I don't understand why my family only has negative things to say about the relationship. We can't be open with them. If you can, please help.
TLDR: Family Meetings tend to be a roastfest where my dad suits on my relationship with BF (25M, been together 4 years). My mom and sister want to have a Family Meeting with us and we need help on how to stay calm and handle it well. I'm expecting them to continue bashing our relationship. They're coming on Tuesday night after I get off work. How do we keep calm and try not to get into an argument knowing they'll say things we don't like or agree with? How can we counter their arguments with our own in a civil manner? What should our limits be?
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2021.12.06 02:45 RandomTransGirl-Viv Do ya think a trailer will come out this week :o

Now that the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl hype has gone down after a few weeks do you think it’s possible we get another trailer for Pokémon Legends Arceus :o
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2021.12.06 02:45 writer_moin22 How Old is Love?

How old is this phrase, 'I love you.' I wonder. But when I hear this from a lovestruck wanderer, it feels new; something that's alive.
The heart of the one who confesses And the one who is confessed to still flutters.
Love is so weird, people fall in it.
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2021.12.06 02:45 killerman4321234 I like this girl a lot and she said she thinks she liked me at one point but now I’m just confused if she really even cares about me

I really like this girl with my whole heart I would do anything for her we are not officially dating or anything, but it’s been mentioned a few times and she knows I like her, but she Just always seems so distant she says she does not feel like talking when I ask her to hang out recently and it’s always me asking to hang out with her not her asking me. We use to hang out for 10 plus hours now it’s only just texting I’m not really sure what to do, this is a person I can’t just forget about I like her way to much. All my day is just thinking what’s wrong with me I keep wanting to tell her again how much I care and like her to see if it will change anything but idk what’s right anymore
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2021.12.06 02:45 PewdsMoods Tecnically A double Tap

You can hear the boop in the second hit.
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2021.12.06 02:45 ledwicke Give me your jam!

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2021.12.06 02:45 smallt0wng1rl Lied to my mom about my tinder date... should i confess?

Im 24f. I live in a small town and was homeschooled. I have never had a boyfriend and i work mostly at home. I figured the best way to meet men is dating apps. However i still live with my parents. My mom would not approve of me meeting strangers online. I just know her. She's told me many horror stories of other daughters meeting creeps online. And she's very overprotective and always wanting to know where i am and what im doing AT ALL TIMES. I am a "good girl" generally and never gave her a reason to distrust me. I never go to parties or drink. Im pretty much a loner.
Well i went on a date from tinder and lied to my mom. I told her I was going to meet one of my girl friends at a mall but i went on a coffee date instead. He was nice and we wanted to meet up again. I told my mom i met him at the mall while waiting for my girl friend to arrive. My mom loves to analyze everything i say and she kept asking more and more questions about how he approached me, what he was doing there, so I made some things up.
I know it probably wasnt right but she's an extremely christan, conservative, and paranoid parent. I feel like i had no other option but to lie because she could prevent me from meeting someone because I don't have my own car and she could prevent me from going on the date.
I feel like i need advice. Should i tell her the truth and make her realize how complex and detailed a lie I can make? Idk if it's really a big deal but i kind of feel guilty.
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2021.12.06 02:45 BigSmokeChapo59 These three vans here are GOATS in my opinion. Any other pair of vans I own I hardly wear because of these three.

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2021.12.06 02:45 Patient_pizzas If someone contracts covid and enters a class, or multiple, with 100’s of students would everyone need to take a test?

Also, could anyone connected with the school share how professors will go about accommodating students who do contract covid? It seems unfair to have them miss out on a minimum of 2 weeks worth of classes.
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2021.12.06 02:45 Supah_Jawa Getting into Modern on a Budget Advice

I've been playing Magic for most of my life, but I've never broken into any constructed formats on account of cost. Now that I am a college student with a stream of disposable income I feel as though I ought to jump into Modern, as I see it as something I will be able to keep up with for a long time. The problem is even with disposable income, twelve hundred dollars is still a steep ask.
I see it as though I have two options, and I'm curious as to which people will generally see as preferable. For reference, if I could drop into Modern with any deck right now, I would choose Temur Crashing Footfalls. I'm a huge fan of fair decks and I love the early game interactions of Fury, Brazen Borrower, and Fire // Ice in that deck.
Option 1: I make an incredibly budget version of the deck I want. Cut fetches for checks, Seasoned Pyromancers for Bonecrusher Giants, and then slowly upgrade as I see fit in comparison to how often I go to fnm.
Option 2: I cut my losses on my preferred deck, and just purchase a hundred-dollar budget brew to get me through the rest of college. Once I have a "real" job I'll jump into something with "real" cards.
A lot of this question has to do with how viable "bad" decks can be. I expect I'll start going to Modern FNM every week, so the question of will I use the deck doesn't concern me too much.
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2021.12.06 02:45 benjbark Tis the season

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2021.12.06 02:45 Glass_Clock1488 Alibaba Replaces CFO, Reshuffles Commerce Heads

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